Nov 22 2019

Hyperconvergence Goes Mainstream

In recent years, organizations across industries have adopted hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), an approach to IT architecture that combines storage, computing and networking into a single system.

Hyperconvergence has been described as “the best of both worlds” by some data center administrators and industry observers, who see the model as offering the elasticity and scalability of public cloud providers, alongside the control and security of an on-premises system. More than any other outcome, perhaps, organizations are seeking simplicity from their hyperconverged infrastructure.

At a time when IT shops are striving to spend less time and energy on routine maintenance and support — and focus more on planning and executing strategic projects that will help the business to thrive — HCI offers a way to deliver and scale in-house IT resources in a unified, simplified manner. Organizations that have embraced hyperconvergence have utilized the model to help them streamline data center operations and power their digital transformation efforts.

While HCI simplifies operations, deploying the model does require some specialized expertise, and many organizations turn to a trusted partner for assistance with configuring systems, migrating workloads and other initial tasks.

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