In This Issue: Focus on Desktop Lifecycle Management

EYE ON THE BOTTOM LINE: Leasing IT Equipment
ASSET MANAGEMENT: Taking Control of IT investments
STRETCHING RESOURCES: Making the Most of Older PCs
PINT-SIZE POWER: HP’s Z200 SFF Workstation

October 5, 2010  

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Case Study

Dollars and Sense
Leasing brings top-of-the-line technology into federal agencies at a fraction of the cost

Like many government agencies, the U.S. Department of the Interior and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission stretch their IT budgets by leasing rather than buying IT equipment. Leasing also frees staff from the burden of disposing of outdated or surplus equipment and ensures theyíre always using the most current technologies.

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Tech Trends

Taking Control
Asset management systems improve performance, reduce costs of IT resources

Identifying and monitoring a federal agency’s installed hardware and software isn’t as straightforward as it might seem. Managing the task manually can be labor-intensive, making it a less-than-desirable day-to-day strategy. Integrated asset management solutions help organizations monitor and optimize their IT resources for improved performance and control, increased accountability and reduced costs.

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Tech Tips

Stretching Aging Resources
Tips for making the most of older PCs

When budgets are tight, agencies often must make do with what they have. IT managers can extend the lifecycle of existing resources (and boost performance in the process) by employing such cost-saving strategies as virtualizing whenever possible and shedding nonessential programs.

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Product Review

HP's Z200 SFF Workstation
This device is short on size, long on performance

With the Z200 Small Form Factor workstation, HP packs the processing and graphics muscle of a high-end workstation into a significantly smaller footprint. The device delivers a price/performance ratio on par with or exceeding that of other, more expensive models.

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White Papers

IT Leasing for Government Agencies: Leases offer a hedge against inflation and a way to deploy the latest technology today

Client Virtualization for Government: Improved security and long-term cost savings are a few of the benefits of virtualizing clients

Reference Guide

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