In federal IT shops, when it comes to unlimited access, the idea really keys in on data: how feds can tap it, use it, store it — from any device and from anywhere in the world.
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Product Review

The Lenovo X201 Tablet's high-speed processing, full-size keyboard and long battery life make on-the-go computing even easier.

Best Practices

Digital signage has become the feature presentation at VA medical facilities, offering up-to-the-minute communications to patients and staff.

Tech Tips

These tips can help effectively and efficiently cool high-density computing environments.

Outside In

Peeling the Onion

Are agencies ready to make the most of data center consolidations?

The Business of IT

A move to a more proactive style of government oversight will require agencies to address data provenance.

Tech Watch

In Office 2010, Microsoft aims to give users a web-friendly collaboration suite. But will agencies find this hybrid approach to SaaS worthwhile?

Tech Watch

The speedy connection benefits that this switching fabric brings to high-performance computing make their way into the enterprise data center.



DISA, NASA and other early adopters are cutting costs and improving IT services through the cloud.


The vGov Project will provide agencies the security they need to explore and inhabit virtual worlds.


As data needs and requirements grow, agencies dynamically adapt their storage infrastructures to meet demand.