What makes cloud computing so intriguing is that it can fulfill many different needs for many different organizations.
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FedTech Interview

FedTech Interview: Dawn Leaf

Senior Executive for Cloud Computing, NIST

Best Practices

The ITIL Ideal

Agencies explore this pathway to consolidated, top-notch IT services and support.

The Business of IT

Payment Integrity

Solving the improper payments challenge will demand partnerships within government, help from industry and technology innovation.

Tech Watch

Data Center Building Blocks

Agencies can use Cisco UCS technology to take advantage of 10 Gigabit Ethernet and unified fabric.

Tech Tips

Moving Services to VoIP

As broadband emerges, here are pointers to ready your network for unified communications.

Best Practices

Penetration Testing Goes Mobile

As agencies succeed in locking down their infrastructures, penetration tests of roaming users and wireless networks will help secure the endpoints.

Product Review

Catch the Spark

RIM adds commercial touches to its latest smartphone, the Torch 9800.

Product Review

Making Copies

EMC's RecoverPoint CDP and replication tool ensures your data center can avoid the point of no return.

Brief Byte

A View Toward Consolidation

A View Toward Consolidation



Private Sky

DOE labs use a test bed to perfect cloud services for high-end research.


Going Green, Staying Secure

Striking a balance between smart energy conservation and critical information assurance proves a challenging but attainable goal.


Up to the Task

Agencies take a hard look at how they back up digital assets.

Feature Sidebar

Enlisting Technology

The U.S. Military Entrance Processing Command stands ready to field a modernized system for qualifying and inducting enlistees.