Jul 27 2018

Best Practices for Federal IoT Deployments

Federal agencies are increasingly willing to explore how Internet of Things devices can collect and synthesize information into actionable insights. That is the ideal. But how do agencies make that a reality? What are the best practices agencies should follow when rolling out IoT? We spoke with federal IT leaders and industry professionals about the steps feds should take. 

This is part of our FedTech Focus: Internet of Things video series.


    • Mike Ridge, Embedded Systems Security Architect, Draper Laboratory
    • Jeff Seaton, Acting Deputy CIO, NASA
    • Scott Tousley, Deputy Director, Cybersecurity Division, Science and Technology Directorate, DHS 
    • Ernie Hampson, Chief Scientist, National Security Solutions, Jacobs

Video Highlights

  • Agencies need to have standards for how they will collect, share and secure the information they gather from IoT systems. 
  • Since IoT brings together the digital and physical worlds, CIOs need to partner with all appropriate stakeholders at an agency, even those outside the CIO's office. 
  • Network segmentation is critical, and agencies must treat their IT and OT networks differently. 
  • Agencies should strive to create an organizational culture that is constantly learning and adapting to a changing technology environment.