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November 4, 2009  

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Cybersecurity: Technology Plus Teamwork
Agencies want security that won't break the bank

Ever walk and juggle at the same time? Welcome to cybersecurity. With limited dollars, agencies must find a formula to make the most of money, people and technology, says Justice's Vance Hitch.

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Tech Tips

Windows 7: Securing Removable Drives
BitLocker can help manage portable storage devices

Learn tips for using Group Policy settings if you wish to block users from installing USB drives; or, if you allow the drives, how to encrypt the data using Windows 7's BitLocker To Go.

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Tech Trends

Unified Threat Management
Will UTM save money and simplify security?

Discover why all-in-one security appliances that offer firewall, VPN and antivirus protection might appeal to agencies looking to ease security management and make it more efficient.

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Product Review

SonicWall UTM
NSA E5500 offers multithreat protection

Our FedTech reviewer looks at how well the SonicWall NSA E5500 unified threat management device stymies security threats. The scalable appliance can handle 500 client VPN sessions.

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Bridging the Gap

Securing Teleworkers
Assuring safe remote access — no matter the device

What happens if your agency can't afford to buy hardware for teleworkers? Can you secure their personal systems? Some feds say it's possible and point to NIST's recently updated security guidance.

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White Papers

Security: Key strategies for safeguarding IT resources from interior and exterior threats

Mobile Computing Security: Protecting data on devices roaming on the perimeter

Reference Guide

Security: Keeping information confidential, intact and accessible when threats emerge

Trade Shows

November 2-5
TechNet Asia-Pacific

November 17-19
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Virginia Beach, Va.


Assessing IT Security: Who's assessing your IT security? Hackers or a trusted partner?


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