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February 2, 2010  

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Case Study

Dynamic Duo?
FDCC and desktop virtualization have matching efficiency and security goals

Combining Federal Desktop Core Configuration and desktop virtualization could nurture more standardization and consistency for NIST and the U.S. Army.

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Tech Trends

Desktop Virtualization
IT can reduce administrative complexities

Desktop virtualization may soon sail the seas on Coast Guard cutters, while the U.S. Marine Corps explores how the technology meshes with Federal Desktop Core Configuration.

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Tech Tips

Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack 2009
How R2 paves the way to Windows 7

MDOP 2009 Release 2 boasts inventory, application virtualization, desktop virtualization and Advanced Group Policy Management capabilities to smooth Windows 7 rollouts.

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Product Review

NComputing X550
Desktop virtualization kit facilitates sharing

The NComputing X550 supports up to six users from a single PC, maximizing efficiency and energy savings.

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Tech Tips

Windows on Macs
How to install VMware Fusion

Heed these helpful hints for installing VMware Fusion, which lets Mac users seamlessly run Windows inside Mac OS X.

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White Paper

Virtualization and Optimization: Technologies help organizations reduce costs and boost efficiency

Reference Guide

Virtualization and Infrastructure Optimization: Innovating for greater efficiency and flexibility


Windows 7 and the Optimized Desktop: Whatís new and how you can benefit

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Details on AFCEA West and more events

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