In This Issue: Focus on Wireless Infrastructure

WIMAX: Enhanced Bandwidth Good for COOP
MANAGEMENT: New Tools Measure Performance
WIRELESS-N: Six Deployment Tips
REVIEW: Aruba 651 Controller and AP-105

November 4, 2010  

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When Disaster Strikes
WiMAX may offer agencies a COOP option

Some federal agencies are looking to WiMAX technology for their continuity of operations plans because its mobile broadband capabilities offer greater bandwidth than 3G.

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Tech Trends  

Wireless Management Matures
Software offers easier way to manage wireless networks

Steve Beitzell uses Cisco tools to manage a wireless LAN at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center that the staff uses to read e-mail and gain web access.

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Tech Tips

Maximizing 802.11n
Six tips for getting the most out of wireless

Migrating to 802.11n? Organizations making the move should consider these six tips to push their wireless networks to the next level.

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Product Review

Aruba's Manageable Gear
These new products offer added management features

Aruba Networks Branch Office 651 Controller and AP-105 access point suite offer a flexible, highly manageable means of providing Wi-Fi communications to an office environment.

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Best Practices

Wireless Security Lockdown: Read up on how to secure a wireless network for your organization.

Tech Trends

The Case for Mobile Thin Clients: Backed by a strong wireless network, these devices are helping federal agencies be more responsive in the field.

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