In This Issue: Focus on Storage Management

DATA NEEDS: How Three Agencies Manage Storage
THIN PROVISIONING: Make Utilization More Efficient
VIRTUAL STORAGE: Six Hands-On Management Tips
REVIEW: Symantec's E-Mail Archiving Tool

December 7, 2010  

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Rite of Passage
Federal agencies dynamically adapt their storage infrastructure to meet demand

Hereís an overview of how three very different federal agencies meet the challenge of ever-expanding storage needs: the Choctaw Nationís Health Services Authority, the Air Forceís personnel records center and the FBIís criminal records center.

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Tech Trends  

The Skinny on Storage
Thin provisioning helps IT improve capacity utilization

NASA Goddard uses thin provisioning to ensure that its storage devices are utilized before IT managers have to expand capacity.

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Tech Tips

Managing Virtually
Learn six data management tips for virtual environments

Virtual environments offer many advantages, but to manage virtual storage properly, IT managers need to consider using specialized tools, policy-based management, deduplication and tiered storage.

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Product Review

Symantec's E-Mail Option
Backup Exec add-on helps small operations manage e-mail

Backup Exec for Exchange Archiving Mailbox Option from Symantec is the perfect tool for small to midsize organizations looking to back up e-mail.

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White Paper

Content Management: Learn how to gain the most value from your greatest asset — your data.


SANs: Taking Advantage of Storage Pools: A USDA service center finds that SANs offer reliability, ease management and improve capacity use.

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