In This Issue: Focus on Security

SECURITY: Agencies integrate power and security issues
ENCRYPTION: Feds take a hard look at data encryption
VIRTUALIZATION: 5 tips for virtual security
REVIEW: HP S330 Intrusion Prevention System

March 8, 2011  

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Going Green, Staying Secure
Staying green and secure means tweaking power and security strategies in tandem

USDA, DOE and the State Department find ways to integrate power management goals with security policies.

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Tech Trends  

Total Encryption
IT managers see a growing need for data encryption

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and the State Department use data encryption tools to lock down their networks.

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Tech Tips

Securing Virtual Environments
Five tips for locking down a virtual infrastructure

By optimizing each application on its own virtual machine, IT managers can prevent crashes or malicious code from bringing down the entire system. But virtual environments also present a new set of security challenges. Here are five tips for locking down your virtual network.

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Product Review

HPís S330 IPS
The HP S330 Intrusion Prevention System offers excellent network protection and enhanced management features

Easy to install and manage, the HP S330 IPS is perfect for midsized organizations looking to upgrade their security.

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Webinar: Getting
Ready for the Cloud

Thursday, March 31 at 2 p.m. EDT: Click here for full event details and to register.

White Paper

Security for Government: A multilayered strategy combats new threats and can reduce costs and enhance productivity

Reference Guide

Security: For federal agencies, security and the numerous ways that it influences day-to-day operations are constant concerns.

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Security Solutions
Security Solutions Center
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