In This Issue: Focus on Cloud Computing

TEST BED: Energy labs explore cloud services
MANAGEMENT: IT staff must adopt new skills for the cloud
INFRASTRUCTURE: Automate provisioning and chargeback
WEBINAR: Feds discuss preparing for the cloud

April 5, 2011  

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Private Cloud
Energy labs perfect cloud services for high-end research

Department of Energy's Argonne and Lawrence Berkeley labs experiment to discover what types of scientific applications work best with cloud computing using a test bed called the Magellan Project.

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Tech Trends  

Shifting Skill Sets
Cloud computing deployments require a different sort of IT expertise

NASA and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office navigate their way through new skills and changing roles as they shift environments to the cloud.

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Tech Tips

Seeding Your Cloud
Pick up pointers on automating provisioning and chargeback

Resource automation techniques paired with cloud automation software enable organizations to let users help themselves.

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Tech Watch

Microsoft Office 365
Forthcoming suite brings prime communications, collaboration and productivity together in the cloud

Microsoft will beef up the next generation of Business Productivity Online Standard Suite with powerful collaboration tools blended into a single service.

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NIST Interview
Dawn Leaf discusses NISTís cloud computing program

FedTech interviews Dawn Leaf, senior executive for cloud computing at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, about the benefits of cloud computing for NIST and other federal agencies.

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