In This Issue: Focus on Network Infrastructure

DATA CENTERS: Feds upgrade, optimize and virtualize
ETHERNET: Why 10 Gig-E is the future for government
NETWORKS: Five ways to prep for the cloud
REVIEW: Cisco's SG300-10MP switch is easy to use

May 3, 2011  

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Consolidation Drives the Upgrade
Feds streamline and virtualize agency data centers

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and the Small Business Administration consolidate and virtualize their enterprise networks.

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Tech Trends  

Why 10 Gig-E Makes Sense
Agencies find that 10 Gigabit Ethernet meets today's bandwidth requirements

Federal agencies opt for 10 Gigabit Ethernet to support bandwidth-intensive applications, data consolidation and virtualization projects.

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Tech Tips

Preparing for the Cloud
Five tips for preparing enterprise networks for cloud applications

Cloud computing promises lower IT costs and reduced staffing levels, but it also puts new pressures on enterprise networks. These five tips will prepare your network for the cloud.

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Product Review

Cisco's Small-Office Switch
The SG300-10MP may be small, but it's packed with management features

Cisco's small-office switch supports everything from IPv6 to VoIP and is easy for staffers in a small or satellite office to set up without help from IT.

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Tech Watch

Data Center Building Blocks: Cisco's Unified Computing System technology helps agencies expand capacity and consolidate hardware.


Preparing Your Infrastructure: Are you ready to take advantage of the cloud?

Case Study

The ITIL Ideal: Agencies explore this pathway to consolidated, top-notch IT services and support.

White Paper

Highly Available Networks: Resiliency, reliability and security are the key concerns for maintaining network resources.

Reference Guide

Network Infrastructure: Building a more efficient network with greater capabilities, capacity and security.

Solutions Center

Network Optimization

The 21st Century Government
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