In This Issue: Focus on Client Computing

END-TO-END: Federal Agencies Extend Virtualization
CLOUD: Desktops Move to the Cloud
STRATEGY: Five Tips for Client Virtualization
VIDEO: IT Leaders Focus on Security
ENDPOINT: Four Ways to Secure End Users

Sept. 13, 2011  

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Extending Virtualization
Federal agencies look to virtualize every aspect of enterprise computing

The Environmental Protection Agency and the Peace Corps virtualize every facet of computing, from desktops and servers to storage systems.

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Tech Trends  

From Virtual Desktops to the Cloud
Agencies deliver virtual desktop apps over a private cloud

The U.S. Army and NASA Goddard both offer client computing over a private cloud today and envision an expanded use of the public cloud in the future.

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Tech Tips

Planning for Client Virtualization
Follow these five tips for a successful deployment

Client virtualization can reap numerous benefits for agencies, including cost savings, increased security and streamlined IT management.

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Product Review

Wyse Technology's New Cloud PC
The Z00D takes end users into the cloud

The new Cloud PC from Wyse is affordable, easy to set up and offers end users their normal PC computing experience, while sparing administrators common management headaches.

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Tech Tips Extra

Security Begins at the Desktop
Keep the endpoint safe with these four tips

As cyberattacks increase on federal networks, securing the endpoint is becoming more critical than ever. Here are four tips that will keep your end users safe.

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Video:Security Summit
Keeping Federal Networks

Feds discuss the strategies and challenges of keeping users and data safe.


Tech Watch

It's Raining Tablets: With so many options available, now's the time to prep your apps and network.

White Paper

Client Computing Strategies: Virtualizing clients presents opportunities for organizations adapting to cloud computing and the proliferation of smartphones and tablet PCs.

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