An equipment refresh today offers an opportune time for business process re-engineering and future-proofing systems for tomorrow.
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Product Review

This UPS keeps your equipment running without draining your wallet.

Product Review

This portable projector provides flexibility and compatibility, easing the task of giving presentations.

Best Practices

Despite ever-tighter IT budgets, it's possible to keep your technology team trained and to provide redundancy in staffing.

Best Practices

By taking a multipronged approach to optimizing your data stores, your agency can reap performance, capacity and energy-efficiency gains.

The Business of IT

Geospatial data is about to take on a much more important role in agency management. Here are eight ways the IT shop can lead the way.

Tech Watch

Fibre Channel over Ethernet is a technology whose time is coming.

Tech Tips

BitLocker To Go can help protect data in transit, but be sure to establish security rules of the road for your users.

FedTech Interview

CIO, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration



The State and Defense departments reap the benefits of thin clients — and so can your agency.


VA wants to put its systems infrastructure on a diet.

Cover Feature

Redundancy doesn't just offer disaster recovery and COOP benefits, it also lets agencies scale services when data demands run high.

Feature Sidebar

Survey finds that unified communications offers a way to better manage comm and network services within the enterprise — and also better serve users.


Meeting Makers

Try these technology tools to turn your conference room into a virtual meeting place.