There's no time like uptime. Make sure that your network is available when your agency needs it to be.
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FedTech Interview

FedTech talks with the CIO, Homeland Security Department

Tech Watch

Iris scanning makes its move from the battlefield to inside the Beltway.

Tech Watch

The Air Force Research Lab creates a tool to protect the network when users log in remotely.

The Business of IT

Of all the C-level executives, CIOs have the greatest opportunity to help create a government that runs more efficiently while increasing and improving services.

Best Practices

Take a look under the hood of this powerful networking tool so that your agency can reap the benefits of bandwidth, availability and security.

Product Review

Samsung's Galaxy tablet has an enterprise fit.

Product Review

Symantec pcAnywhere 12.5 remote access tool provides efficient troubleshooting.


Cover Feature

Agencies find that the ability to move virtual machines on the fly speeds disaster recovery.


Speeding Through Space

Virtual desktops help bring International Space Station astronauts down to Earth.


Telehealth initiatives let military doctors truly go where their patients are — to a battlefield clinic, a base halfway around the globe or maybe soon even their barracks or living room.


As agencies work to meet the administration's mandate to shrink the government's IT footprint, VA officials share their best practices.


Agencies of all stripes strive for 24x7 network uptime.