In federal IT, sometimes going second really is the best.
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The Business of IT

Observations from the Field

As Vivek Kundra leaves his post and the next TechStat review nears, here is one insider's look at the status of the 25-point IT reform plan.

Best Practices

Squared Away

As the Coast Guard has learned, a notification system hosted centrally can provide a powerful emergency management tool that's easy to maintain without driving up costs.

Product Review

Encryption in Your Pocket

Cellcrypt app can ensure the privacy of smartphone calls.

Product Review

Carrying the Load

F5's BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager VE conducts load balancing virtually for less than a physical appliance.

Brief Byte

Meeting the Telework Mandate

A survey exploring the challenges that federal agencies face in deploying telework initiatives.

FedTech Interview

The FedTech Interview

Defense Department CIO Teri Takai discusses what she's learned and her top priorities at the agency.

Tech Tips

Configuring FOPE in Office 365

Pick up pointers on how to use the mature spam and antivirus app that Microsoft included in its BPOS replacement.

Tech Watch

It's Raining Tablets

With so many options available, now's the time to prep your apps and network.



Silver Lining: The Dynamics of Cloud Security

The Office of Justice Programs, USDA and NOAA find ways to keep data and systems safe in the cloud.


A Bright Trajectory

For an Army data center, conversion to blades and virtualization creates a path toward highly available services that also deliver coveted ROI.


What Desktop?

Agencies from the Office of Government Ethics to the Defense Intelligence Agency and FAA look to virtual clients to batten down their systems while holding down costs.


End to End

Agencies extend virtualization across the enterprise, from the data center to the desktop and beyond.


Taking Offense

As the military builds an offensive cyberarsenal for the United States, it faces an ever-growing list of hurdles.


Real-World IT

Balancing Protection and Service in a Mobile Environment

Cybersecurity in mobile environments is a moving target that agencies need to be prepared for.