Security remains a top priority for federal IT leaders as they increase their adoption of cloud services.
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FedTech Interview

Tony Trenkle

CIO of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Brief Byte

Addressing a Growing Threat

Spotlight on Continuous Monitoring

The Business of IT

Why Big Data Is Big

Government can make great use of the vast quantities of data it produces, but it must overcome some barriers first.

Tech Watch

Expanding the Biometric Palette

Using multiple characteristics increases accuracy.

Best Practices

The Need for Speed

As critical missions become more challenging, federal networks must find ways to remain fast and agile.

Product Review

InFocus IN3914

This short-throw projector is a great alternative to an interactive whiteboard.

Product Review

Symantec Endpoint Protection 12

Sorry hackers: This latest user-friendly version of the antivirus software reinvents the virus protection mold.


Feature Sidebar

A Future Course

Sharing services can save money now, and in the future, if designed properly.

Feature Sidebar

Securing Mobile Assets

The greatest appeal of tablet PCs could also their greatest peril.

Feature Sidebar

The Water Cooler Effect

How agencies are helping employees build trust and teamwork remotely.

Feature Sidebar

No Rush Towards Desktop Virtualization?

The mass adoption of virtual desktop infrastructure has yet to take place.

Feature Sidebar

Learning to Share

Agencies get serious about eliminating IT redundancy.


Ready for Enterprise

As they consolidate, agencies build out enterprise data centers with the latest technologies.


New School

Mobile devices bring flexibility and usability to training exercises.


Work Is Where the Workers Are

Agencies save millions and have happier workers as telework programs mature.

Cover Feature

Unconventional Methods

Military police center sought a more efficient way to use its IT manpower.

Feature Sidebar

FedRAMP: Ready, Set, Launch

GSA makes progress on baseline security controls that cloud providers must meet to offer their services to agencies.


From the Editor

One Step Further

Agencies are improving the way they carry out their missions by building on smart technological implementations.

Real-World IT

Getting to ‘Yes’ on Mobility

Mobility is changing government, but to make full use of its benefits, security is paramount.

Contributor Column

Another Form of Vulnerability

Making security too difficult for users can hamper information assurance, so finding a balance is important.

Contributor Column

The Next Step in Telework

Despite some hiccups, most agencies are moving forward on telework adoption and growth.