Smartphones, tablets and notebooks require extra security features.

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Brief Byte

Unified Front

Centralized security helps HHS prevent data loss.

The Business of IT

Executive Power

IT officials must have the authority to get the job done and then be held accountable to do so.

FedTech Interview

On a Mission to Share

Kshemendra Paul offers an inside look at information sharing in the government.

Best Practices

Re-Energizing Government Buildings

Green IT is critical for sustainability.

Tech Trends

Desktops Hit the Road

Federal agencies turn to virtual desktop infrastructure to put data on the move safely.

Tech Trends

The Right — and Wrong Fit

Four tips for agencies considering VDI.

Tech Watch

Secure Programming

Data set give developers a head start in protecting their code.

Tech Tips

Security Is in the Air

Follow these tips to protect a wireless LAN.

Product Review

Cross Tab

Smartphone/tablet hybrid offers handy stylus and good pen software.

Product Review

An Evolutionary Leap

Microsoft’s OS gets a number of useful enterprise upgrades.



Making Healthcare Mobile

Project puts electronic health records, training videos and telemedicine on smartphones.



Creative uses for tablets and smartphones stretch the boundaries of mobile technologies.


Taming Big Data

The masses of data that agencies compile present endless possibilities.


From the Editor

The Right Investments

Budget cutbacks demand that agencies make the best choices as they implement technology.

Real-World IT

Cloud Comfort

As agencies become more familiar with cloud computing, their use of it improves.

Contributor Column

The Growing Need for Data Scientists

Experts are critical to help Big Data realize its full potential.

Contributor Column

The Intersection of Technology and Compliance

Meeting regulatory demands requires IT savvy and vigilance.