The security measures are required by the Office of Management and Budget.

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Brief Byte

Thunderclaps Are Social

Read a brief roundup of metrics and facts from around the federal government.

Best Practices

Taming the E-Discovery Beast

The ability to preserve and produce agency data during litigation is part IT, part legal — and all coordination.

Tech Watch

The Next Wi-Fi

More speed and better connections are on the horizon for wireless networks.

Tech Tips

Securing the Internet of Things

Just when agencies get a handle on the cloud, here comes the fog.

FedTech Interview

Data as Fuel

Open data holds the power to drive private and public innovation.

Tech Trends

Super Mario Goes Supercomputer

A technology used to make games run faster can now help solve agencies’ Big Data challenges.

Product Review

Small Packages

The tiny tablet offers big things to mobile users.

Product Review

Ready to Upgrade

After a radical reinvention, Microsoft gives agencies what they expect from a flagship operating system.



Powerful Savings

The U.S. Department of Energy launches a campaign to encourage businesses and government agencies to reduce plug loads.


On the Cusp of BYOD

Bring-your-own-device programs are still scarce in the federal government, but several agencies are making the case and readying deployments.


Message Received

By linking smartphones and tablets to data analytics, agencies can generate meaningful results.


Soft Power

The innovative approach to network communication can ease management and lower costs.


From the Editor

Project Evolution

A fresh look and fresh content make the magazine (and soon, its website) more engaging for readers.