Oct 16 2018

Imagine Nation ELC 2018: USCIS and SBA Evolve Their Website Services with Emerging Technology

Government agencies exist to serve their constituents, and one of the main reasons why agencies adopt new and emerging technologies is to better serve their customers. We spoke with USCIS to learn more about how its artificial intelligence–powered customer service chatbot Emma is making life easier for those who are looking for permanent residence or to become citizens. We also spoke with the Small Business Administration to learn how its website is evolving into a full-fledged digital platform for enabling and empowering entrepreneurs across the country.

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    • Mariela Melero, Chief of Citizenship and Applicant Services, USCIS
    • Courtney Winship, Division Chief of Digital Services, USCIS
    • Maria Roat, CIO, SBA

Video Highlights

  • In the past, USCIS relied on in-person appointments for many interactions, but the addition of Emma, a customer service chatbot, has helped address millions of customer concerns remotely.
  • The SBA is evolving its website into a digital platform that is future-leaning and ever-evolving to incorporate emerging technologies such as virtual reality, machine learning and chatbot services.