Mar 07 2016

The Logistics of Setting Up a Private Cloud

Federal agencies can speed the deployments of private cloud environments and achieve cost savings more quickly if they avoid separate procurements for elements of the environment as well as the need to assemble the different pieces. 

This video is part of series on the federal cloud market. Check out the next video, "CIOs Need to Put the Right IT Services in the Cloud."


    Jack Nichols, Manager, Cloud Client Services, CDW-G 

Video Highlights

  • The faster federal agencies can deploy private cloud environments the more quickly they can secure cost savings.
  • If agencies can construct, configure and audit private cloud elements in a central and secure supply chain they can save time before the components are shipped to a data center or co-location environment. 
  • Once those elements arrive, an agency's chief information security officer and other officials review the deployment and authorize the system to be put into service.