Mar 01 2016

Making Complex Private Cloud Deployments Easier for Federal Agencies

Federal agencies deploying private cloud environments often choose multiple cloud service providers for different components of the deployments. That can add complexity to the deployments, but CDW-G can help federal CIOs and their staffs to expedite the process of setting up those elements, enabling agencies to take advantage of cost savings from the cloud.

This video is part of series on the federal cloud market. Check out the next video, "Configuring a Customized Private Cloud."



    Jack Nichols, Manager, Cloud Client Services, CDW-G 

Video Highlights

  • If federal IT managers have different preferences for storage, computing, networking or orchestration private cloud vendors, CDW-G can accommodate those choices. 
  • CDG-G cuts down the time it takes for federal agencies to deploy private clouds with different elements.
  • The sooner agencies can get private clouds launched, the faster they can achieve efficiencies and cost savings.