Oct 13 2020

Insights Report: IT Investment Priorities and Realities

The federal IT community has its sights perpetually set on IT modernization. Yet some remain hampered by legacy systems, old ways of procuring technology and a culture that resists emerging technologies.

The coronavirus pandemic has spurred the government to adopt digital transformation on accelerated basis out of necessity. Federal IT leaders have digitized processes and applications, embraced the cloud to support massive telework deployments and adopted modern collaboration tools on a much larger scale than ever before.

However, as IT leaders consider the road ahead, they need to think not just in terms of short-term investments but also of how to set their agencies up to be successful in the long term so that they can achieve their missions. 

This IDG survey, conducted in partnership with CDW, offers key findings to help technical and nontechnical leaders across industries plan for future spending. Insights include:

  • Why training is key to addressing cybersecurity vulnerabilities
  • How mobility solutions can enhance user productivity
  • Cloud computing’s central role in federal IT modernization
  • How improving legacy processes can streamline the citizen experience 

Learn more by downloading the full report: “IT Investment Priorities and Realities.”

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