Feb 15 2019

The Future of Networking Arrives

Server virtualization has revolutionized data center operations over the past decade, and the technology is becoming increasingly commonplace in organizations of all types and sizes. Software-defined networking now brings similar capabilities to network operations. Although SDN adoption is still at an early stage, many experts expect SDN deployments to skyrocket over the next few years.

SDN delivers numerous benefits, yet organizations considering the technology’s adoption must understand a variety of technical and other factors in order to make informed decisions about its deployment. Organizations contemplating a transition to SDN should consider a wide range of deployment options, including imperative and declarative SDN models, as well as the possible use of a software-defined network overlay. Potential adopters must also pay close attention to technology advancements and changes in market direction in what is still a rapidly evolving field.

Download this white paper to learn how SDN can benefit agencies, but to achieve its benefits IT leaders must understand several essential factors.


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