Feb 19 2016

Product Review: HP Elite x2 Is a Secure Powerhouse

The HP Elite x2 notebook combines mobility and security in one device.

The HP Elite x2 1011 G1 offers government employees a number of mobile computing options, making it a good choice for workers who find themselves constantly on the move. With added security features, the Elite x2 offers peace of mind for federal IT leaders who regularly manage devices used in the field.

The Elite x2 features many connectivity choices, both wired and wireless keyboard docking and the ability to operate as a notebook or tablet.

The device feels sturdy in both configurations thanks to a lightweight but strong aluminum and magnesium shell.

The high-definition touch screen looks crisp, clear and bright. The Intel HD Graphic 5300 card plays video well, both from a disk or an Internet stream, and the audio speaker provides solid sound, with a little distortion when set above 75 percent.

When configured as a tablet, the Elite x2 battery lasts about 7 hours and 13 minutes. Adding the power keyboard can double the life to more than 14 hours.

The Elite x2 runs an Intel Core M processor and does not require a fan for cooling, making the device incredibly quiet.

The computer balances nicely in the user’s hands when performing as a tablet. A Wacom digitizer pen cleverly hides in a docking slot on the side and provides excellent support for pointing.

On the back, the tablet features both a power switch and a volume rocker. A toggle button locks the autorotation feature, which proves helpful for holding the orientation in either portrait or landscape mode.

Pre-Booth Authentication Adds Extra Security Layer

Along with excellent performance, the Elite x2 comes with additional security features. Besides the standard physical lock slot and Trusted Platform Module support, HP offers several forms of pre-boot authentication.

Users unlock the device through a password or integrated smart card reader. For more forgetful users, the Elite x2 comes equipped with HP SpareKey, a software program that allows users to log in by answering security questions.

HP Client Security provides whole-disk encryption for agencies that seek an alternative to Windows BitLocker.

Given all of those extra features, the Elite x2 offers IT teams a high-performing device that maintains security in nearly any setting.

HP Elite x2 1011 G1

Processor: 1.1GHz Intel Dual Core M M-5Y71
Memory: 8GB DDR3 SDRAM
Storage: 256GB SSD
Physical Dimensions: 11.7x8.1x0.8 inches
Weight: 3.4 pounds


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