In This Issue: Focus on Storage Virtualization

HEALTHCARE: Virtualization Key to Managing Storage >
BACKUP: Virtual Tape Libraries Speed Recovery >
vSPHERE: Thin-Provisioning Capabilities >
TIERING: Tips for Rolling Out EMC's FAST >

March 2, 2010  

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Case Study

Data Spike
Health data drives storage needs

The Defense Health Information Management System revamped its storage infrastructure to accommodate growth of 1.5 terabytes a month.

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Tech Watch

Ditch the Tape
Virtual tape libraries ease backup

VTL disk storage emulates tape to shrink backup windows and speed recovery time for the Justice Department.

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Tech Tips

FAST Rollout
Implementing automated storage tiering on EMC gear

EMCís Fully Automated Storage Tiering (FAST) helps administrators make the most of solid-state storage. Learn what planning is required to get going.

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Product Review

VMware vSphere
Thin provisioning boosts storage utilization

VMware vSphere’s thin-provisioning capabilities eliminate the waste of resources and space caused by over-allocating storage capacity.

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Tech Watch

Rock Solid
Solid-state drives speed data access

Flash memory that mimics very fast hard drives offers the potential to consolidate vast volumes of network storage while providing continued real-time access.

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White Paper

Content Management: Gain the Most Value from Your Data

Reference Guide

Disaster Recovery and Continuity of Operations Plan: Prepare for success before problems arise


Affordable Backup Consolidation and Disaster Recovery: Flexible implementations from Overland Storage

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Details on GITEC, AFCEA and more events

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