Information superiority gives the military an advantage without troops ever having to fire a shot.

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FedTech Interview

Corps Values

Marines aim to boost battlefield success through IT.

Tech Trends

Central Help

Agencies turn to enterprise service desks to cut costs and extend hours.

Tech Trends

Smart Data, Smarter Decisions

Deep data analysis has come a long way, and agencies are taking full advantage.

Product Review

Walking on Air

This capable notebook sports a small form factor but offers plenty of processing power.

Brief Byte

Productive Wanderer

VDI gives department users access to network resources from anywhere.

The Business of IT

A Tale of Two Strategies

There’s work to be done if key federal strategies are to yield success.

Product Review

Simplified Security

Kaspersky makes management of virtualization’s serious security challenges simple and straightforward.

Tech Tips

Safe Route

Follow this advice to protect agency data while working remotely.


Feature Sidebar

Batteries Included

Fewer individual batteries and a lighter load are key for solders in combat.


Strategic Shift

The service wants to test new technology and deploy it to troops more rapidly than ever.


Power Play

Agencies find that running an efficient data center is as much about power and cooling as it is about servers.


Statistically Significant

NASS saves time and money by scrapping paper surveys and switching to iPads.


Communicating in the Wild

Technology lets warfighters communicate digitally, no matter how rugged or remote the terrain.


Contributor Column

Data Center Darwinism

Downtime is disastrous, so agencies must plan their data center upgrades properly.

Real-World IT

Building the Workforce of Tomorrow

Agencies must deal with the concerns and opportunities presented by a generation of workers who demand BYOD.