Federal agencies are taking mobility up a notch.

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The Business of IT

Thin Value

The numerous benefits that thin clients bring should make them a federal priority.

Brief Byte

Finding the Right Strategy

Agencies look to make records more accessible with electronic systems.

FedTech Interview

On the Cutting Edge

Innovation and security are key areas of focus for ITL.

Product Review

Keeping Pace with the Mobile Explosion

IBM Endpoint Manager can help agencies stay abreast of the rapid proliferation of mobile devices.

Tech Watch

Putting the 'Eye' in ID

Iris scanning may help agencies round out their biometrics portfolios.

Best Practices

Critical Protection

Focusing on securing devices is insufficient — agencies must also take steps to secure their data.

Best Practices

Maximizing DCIM Effectiveness

Data center tools can improve the efficiency of computing resources and cooling equipment.

Tech Trends

A Unified Platform

Cost savings and mobility are among the expected benefits of migrating to Microsoft's latest OS.

Product Review

A Featherweight Champ

Notebook boasts speedy i7 processor in a package lighter than 3 pounds.



Stop Payment

Using master data management and advanced analytics, agencies cut billions in waste, fraud and abuse.

Cover Feature

Clouds on the Battlefield

By moving its real-time intelligence system to the cloud, the Army will improve situational awareness for soldiers in combat.

Cover Feature

Think Global, Go Mobile

The right strategy is essential for federal agencies looking to implement mobile technology.


Positive Side Effects

Agencies are finding that consolidation yields benefits such as improved security and disaster readiness.


From the Editor

The Right Tools

Technology can help agencies accomplish their missions, but they have to find the proper fit.

Contributor Column

Building a Business Case for Mobility

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission CIO lays out his strategy for implementing mobile computing.

Real-World IT

Moving Mountains

Agencies are starting to make use of the massive quantities of data they produce.

Contributor Column

A New World Order in Warfighting

Every member of the military should be considered a cyberwarrior.