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Product Review

Conference Confidence

AVer provides professional conference services without a pro crew.

Product Review

‘Z’ It to Believe It

Toshiba’s new Portégé Z20t combines an excellent display and a long-lasting battery for phenomenal performance.


Improving Data’s DNA

By bringing data to consumers, Fox continues the department’s legacy of innovation.

Tech Tips

The Government Swiss Army Knife

Government’s business infrastructure continues to lag behind, but it can quickly catch up with some congressional muscle.

Tech Tips

Lockdown OS

Microsoft’s new OS includes a number of security benefits federal IT managers need to know.


Knowing the Score

A new version of the Common Vulnerability Scoring System helps agencies simplify risk.

Tech Trends

Third-Platform Possibilities

The convergence of Big Data, social, mobile and cloud present a new look at technology.



The Shadow Knows

Initially seen as a security threat, agencies find benefits in employee use of shadow IT.


More Than Just a Bill

Seen as the most significant Federal IT legislation in 20 years, FITARA will empower CIOs like never before.


Out of Harm's Way

With the OPM breach and the cybersecurity sprint behind them, agencies enter a new era.


Let’s Get Visible

As networks become more complex, federal leaders eye ways to gain the visibility they need.


From the Editor

The Next-Generation Government Worker

A new breed of government employees are changing how it operates, inside and out.

Smart IT

Culture Change

Businesses are leveraging the convergence of cloud, mobile and social — it’s time government does the same.

Real-World IT

On the Offensive

The government long resisted an offensive cyber strategy, but increased threats call for a new plan.