Agencies are implementing new security standards that focus on continuous monitoring and accountability.

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Product Review

Printer with a Punch

The Brother MFC packs a lot of functionality into a relatively small footprint, perfect for midsize offices.

Best Practices

Power Rangers

Some simple power management options in the data center could result in big savings.

CIO Interview

IT of the Storm

Adrian Gardner discusses how changes to the agency’s IT structure are helping everyone involved in disaster situations, from survivors to first responders.

Tech Tips

Successful Move

Follow NIST’s tips when selecting your agency’s cloud vendor.

Best Practices

A New Reality

Augmented reality has the possibility to change how the military trains, along with a number of yet-to-be discovered uses.

Product Review

Box of Wonder

The power of Google Cloud is just minutes away with this powerful thin client device.



Stacked and Ready

As the Joint Information Environment comes together, Joint Regional Security Stacks emerge as a crucial part of the program’s structure.


Feds Prepare for Disaster

Having a proper business continuity plan is key for federal IT leaders whose technology will be leaned on during crisis.


Hiding In Plain Sight

The benefits of the FDCCI Initiative go far beyond boosts to the bottom line.


Flexible Feds

The technological barriers to telecommuting are falling, allowing agencies and their employees to reap the benefits of a more flexible work environment.


Contributor Column

Audit Overload

Cloud computing providers must meet several cloud computing standards, many of which overlap in a process that is delaying adoption.

From the Editor

Preparing for Success

Disaster planning is an unavoidable task for federal IT managers.

Real-World IT

The Sky’s the Limit

CDW’s new cloud computing survey shows cloud implementation continues to grow.