May 01 2015

Review: Brother MFC L2740DW Is a Printer with a Punch

The Brother MFC packs a lot of functionality into a relatively small footprint, perfect for midsize offices.

The Brother MFC L2740DW is a high-resolution printer, fax machine, copier and scanner that can be set up almost anywhere. While it can be connected to a PC via a USB port, or to a network with an Ethernet cable, the printer has native wireless capabilities so all you really need is a power source to begin sharing the unit with everyone in the immediate area.

Once the unit is set up and powered on, all of its functions can be managed easily, either through an on-screen interface at a local connected computer or via the printer’s 2.7-inch touch screen.

Printing from the MFC L2740DW is high quality. Text is sufficiently dark and readable by default. Even when printed over graphics, letters are well formed with no odd spaces or gaps in the ink coverage. While the output is black and white, graphics look good with lighter images while dark colors represented well converted to grayscale.

The MFC L2740DW is also quite speedy, making it suitable for use in a medium-sized shared office without much danger of lines forming. When asked to print a 30-page text document and a 30-page test file packed with complex photos and graphics, the MFC completed the job in 1 minute and 12 seconds. There is no difference between the text and graphical printing times thanks to 64 megabytes of internal memory, which can fully load most documents before printing starts.

Because the MFC L2740DW can scan both the front and the reverse sides of a page at the same time, scanning is fast. Faxes take a bit longer, but the performance isn’t bad on the 33.6K fax modem: Tests with normal text pages yielded fax times of about three pages per minute.

The MFC L2740DW packs a high capacity scanner, copier, printer and fax machine into a tiny package only 12 inches tall

A generous 2.7-inch LED color touch screen makes navigating features a quick process

The MFC L2740DW comes with embedded wireless 802.11b/g/n connectivity so that documents can be sent to the device from anywhere within a few hundred feet

DIMENSIONS: 16.1x15.7x12.5 inches
WEIGHT: 25.8 pounds
DRIVER COMPATIBILITY: Windows and Mac OS networks
MONTHLY DUTY CYCLE: 10,000 printed pages
PAPER CAPACITY: 250-sheet standard tray


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