Though agencies see security advantages in adopting cloud services, DOD, NIST and FedRAMP continue efforts to further enhance cloud security.

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Product Review

Petite Powerhouse

This desktop computer is energy-efficient, quiet and strong.

Product Review

Carbon Worth Copying

This ultrathin notebook can meet the requirements of even the most demanding federal users.

Tech Tips

Firewall Frenzy

Follow these tips to make sure your agency chooses the right next-generation firewall for your environment.


A World of Difference

With a new innovation lab, the government taps technology to extend its support to nations in need worldwide.

Best Practices

Cloud Lockdown

Encryption keys and other tools can help protect data at all times.

Tech Tips

Cloud Security Grows

Agencies can better secure their own data in the cloud.

Best Practices

Coming of Age

Agencies begin to tap mobile devices for mission-critical needs, something that has been a long time coming.



Beyond the Hype

Agencies embrace a hybrid approach so they can reap the benefits of cloud while increasing security.


Seal of Approval

DISA expands its relationship with the National Information Assurance Partnership to test mobile devices and other technologies for use by agencies across DOD.


Looking Back, Moving Forward

The Trend Toward ‘Bimodal IT’ Requires Agencies to Answer an Age-Old Question: Do We Keep Legacy Systems?


Cool Oversight

The list of available tools is long, but they all work together to ensure power doesn’t go to waste.


From the Editor

Stepping Up to Innovation

Advances in technology and culture let the government be more agile than ever before.

Real-World IT

Mobile Millennials

Get ready now for the boom of millennials coming into government — with mobile technology in hand.

Contributor Column

Borrowing from Investors

The Lean Canvas template has benefitted the startup community. Will it work for government?