Aug 04 2015

Review: Lenovo Carbon X1 Is a Thin Notebook, but a Productivity Heavyweight

This ultrathin notebook can meet the requirements of even the most demanding federal users.

The third generation of the Lenovo X1 Carbon ThinkPad will meet the expectations of the most demanding federal user.

With its customary ThinkPad deep-black matte finish, the X1 has a rugged feel to accompany a large yet light screen and a full-sized keyboard.

The display opens a full 180 degrees on two rigid hinges that hold firm when using the touch screen. The construction is so solid, it’s difficult to believe you’re holding an electronic device less than three-quarters of an inch thick, but the display holds tight even when grabbing one of the corners.

The notebook rarely gets hotter than lukewarm as heat dissipates through venting in the right rear, and the fan is impressively quiet as it spins.

The full-size keyboard features concave, raised keys. Users who enjoy a deep travel distance for typing can feel free to push on the keys without fear of a double strike.

The touchpad is comfortable to use, but keep a damp cloth handy to clean off smudges for best performance.
For dedicated Lenovo users, the X1 offers an eraser-sized TrackPoint in the middle of the keyboard, complete with left- and right-click keys above the touchpad. The keyboard features an Fn key in the lower left corner that could trip up users as they move toward the control key, but that’s easy to adjust.

The Carbon X1's Impressive Power

The battery life is remarkable, well above average for an ultrathin notebook. A high-definition movie played continuously for about seven hours and 20 minutes using the default settings, without the aid of power-saving features such as sleep or drive power off. Normal office performance was even better, at just over 10 hours.

Lenovo’s innovative RapidCharge battery technology really shined. Charging the battery from 25 percent capacity to 75 percent with the supplied 65-watt charger took just 38 minutes.

The Lenovo X1 Carbon is one of the best ultrathin notebooks on the market. It is a pleasure to use and to type on, making it the perfect tool even for those with the highest of standards.

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