Some teleworkers are more remote than others, and that includes scientists at the South Pole, astronauts aboard the ISS and diplomats in distant countries.
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Security Save

Protection Payoff

Employee education, updated technology and a little vigilance can keep rogue malware from locking up a network.


Final Score

As he leaves for the private sector, the GAO’s top technology maestro outlines tips for effective agency modernization.

Product Review

Road Show

This portable projector provides crisp images for important agency presentations.

Tech Trends

Double Check

FCC, DOD, NWS are among the agencies hardening access to mobile devices.


Windows Replacement

These five questions will guide your agency through the planning and tool selection process for Windows 10 migration.

Tech Tips

Stand Guard

A powerful tool for identity management requires careful consideration during deployment.

IT Futurist

Spot the Difference

Training computers to "see" images may add capabilities in emergency situations in the near-future.

Product Review

Endpoint End Run

This threat detector keeps an eye out for abnormal activity by monitoring the system itself.



Ready, Set, Hire

DHS and HHS are among those departments turning to nontraditional recruiting methods to fill empty IT security jobs.


An Educated Citizenry

Teleconferencing technology brings government information from the Smithsonian, NPS and more to citizens who live far from Washington.


Picture This

NIDA, DHS are among those deploying data visualization tools to better understand and explain the flood of incoming info.


OPM, GAO and the State Department are among the agencies successfully testing employees with anti-phishing tools.


Letter From the Editor

A More Flexible Workforce

Modern, portable technology encourages employees to make government work a career.

Contributor Column

21st-Century Service

Even in government, good IT leads to great service, and the President's Management Agenda recognizes that voters are demanding both.

Contributor Column

The Speed of Relevance

For federal agencies to see the benefits of startup technology, they must adapt to the speedier pace of the private sector.