Feb 12 2016

Determining Which IT Services Belong in the Public Cloud

There are several steps federal CIOs and chief information security officers need to go through to determine which of their IT services can or should be put in the public cloud. These officials must determine whether applications are cloud-ready and leverage cloud-ready protocols. Once they determine which services are suitable for the public cloud they then can decide which FedRAMP-approved public cloud service providers are the best ones for the services themselves.

This video is part of series on the federal cloud market. Check out the next video, "Choosing the Best Traditional Infrastructure Provider."


    Jack Nichols, Manager, Cloud Client Services, CDW-G 

Video Highlights

  • CIOs and chief information security officers "score" IT services to determine if they belong in the public cloud, based on characteristics like confidentiality, integrity and availability. 
  • There are numerous public cloud service providers approved for federal use by FedRAMP, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and VMWare's vCloud Government Service. 
  • The key is then determining which IT services belong in which public cloud environment.