Dec 27 2017

HHS, SBA and NASA Leaders Detail 2018 IT Priorities

Major governmentwide initiatives like the Data Center Optimization Initiative can spur federal IT leaders to make decisions and take actions. And yet, technology leaders at each agency have their own specific priorities and checklists they are trying to meet next year. Here is a look at the 2018 IT priorities for three federal IT leaders who spoke to FedTech at the 2017 ACT-IAC Executive Leadership Conference in Williamsburg, Va.


    • Christopher Wlaschin, CISO, HHS
    • John Sprague, Deputy Associate CIO Technology and Innovation, NASA
    • Maria Roat, CIO, SBA

Video Highlights

  • The Health and Human Services Department will focus on four key cybersecurity priorities in 2018, starting with protecting high-value assets.
  • NASA wants to keep innovating around data and is trying to find better ways to use and visualize all of the data it collects. 
  • The Small Business Administration plans to build on the foundation it has laid with cloud migration and look for ways to improve IT across the agency.