Oct 15 2018

Imagine Nation ELC 2018: A Deep Dive on the Interior Department's Use of Drones

When the Department of the Interior is called upon to respond to an incident, these days it's not just people responding to the emergency, but drones as well. Richard Thurau, a remote sensing specialist for the Interior Department, gave a demonstration on drone technology to conference attendees at Imagine Nation ELC, and we had the chance to speak with him about his presentation and the agency's emerging use of drone technology in the field.

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And to check out this video see how the Agriculture Department is exploring whether drones can be used to test for water contamination. 


    • Richard Thurau, Remote Sensing Specialist, Interior Department

Video Highlights

  • Drones are being used to gain more situational awareness in incident response within the DOI.
  • The future of the drone program lies in drones leveraging a variety of sensors, not just cameras. Gas sensors recently helped with an initiative in Hawaii.
  • Scientists are at the forefront of innovation and experimentation with drones in the federal government.

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