Dec 31 2009

Getting It Done

With this first FedTech issue of 2006, our promise to our readers is as simple as it is ambitious: Exceed your expectations.

When you open our pages, you will find in-depth analysis about information technology programs, options and metrics, and how to avoid pitfalls. We hope these insights will help you determine whether your organization's IT investments are on target and help decision-makers in government do their jobs smarter, better and at less cost.

There may be no bottom line in government per se, but we all — civil servants, lawmakers and taxpayers — expect a return on the appropriations invested in government services. Our hope is to help animate the conversations taking place in government about IT by offering creative approaches and processes, new ideas, and the lessons that you've learned and shared with FedTech.

We will bring you best-practice insights on tested IT tools, technologies on the horizon, top-notch management strategies and tactics from the trenches.

Last year, FedTech received high praise, winning the Folio: Eddie gold award for best government magazine — a publishing industry award that honors magazines based on how well they serve their readers. Thanks for getting us there, but we're not resting on our laurels.

Ultimately this magazine is for you, our readers, not for us. If you feel we can serve you better, please let us know.

Photography By Matthew Gilson and Forrest MacCormack
The FedTech team, left to right (top): Jim Silvestri, Lee Copeland, Lisa De Luca, Vanessa Jo Roberts, Ginny Reardon

Left to right (bottom): Kevin Hambel, Gregory Atkins, Ann-Marie Clark, Sara Elder and Ryan Petersen.