May 01 2012

Telework Is Gaining Momentum with Federal Agencies and Employees [Infographic]

When staff work remotely, taxpayers save money. Who is teleworking? And how are they making it happen?

Technology has given rise to the age of telework. Increasingly, federal agencies are adopting telework as a means of saving money, both for employees and employers. In addition to the cost savings, studies show that employees who are able to telework are happier and less stressed.

Luckily for IT managers, a remote staff doesn’t have to be a headache. Most employees need only a notebook PC, phone, e-mail access and a virtual private network (VPN) connection.

For these and other reasons, Telework is a growing trend in the public and private sector. Is your agency keeping up?

Federal Teleworking Infographic


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SOURCE: FedTech: Teleworking 2012

Federal Teleworking 2012 - An infographic by the team at FedTech Magazine

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