Jun 01 2015

5 Facts About New HHS CTO Susannah Fox

Fox takes the reigns at an agency known for data innovation.

The Department of Health and Human Services named Susannah Fox as its new chief technology officer on Wednesday. She is replacing Bryan Sivak, who stepped down last month.

Here are five facts to help you get to know Fox better:

  1. She spent the past nine months as the entrepreneur in residence at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the nation’s largest philanthropic health organization. Before that she spent 14 years at the Pew Research Center where she directed the health and technology portfolio.
  2. You can find her many places on social media: Twitter, Medium, Storify, and E-patients.net, along with her own domain.
  3. What helped her make up her mind to take the job? “One morning a few weeks ago I went for an early-morning run,” she wrote on the HHS Idea Lab blog. “I thought about the thousands of people who have shared their stories with me over the last 15 years, hoping that I could find a way to channel their ingenuity, humanity and hard-won experience to heal health care. Not to be too metaphysical, but I felt all of them with me at that moment. I knew then that I would serve them by taking on this role if it was offered to me.
  4. She is the third person and first woman to serve as HHS CTO.
  5. Want more about how she thinks? She posts questions she receives online with her answers in an effort to start a conversation and further education on health care data.
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