Jul 10 2017

Hybrid Cloud Gives Government Flexibility for Storage Needs [#Infographic]

Agencies can increase storage capacity from a hybrid cloud and maintain their ability to meet the demands of future workloads.

Federal data center operators face a major challenge. The amount of data they must store is growing rapidly, and applications that rely on this information to provide new capabilities — such as data analytics and the Internet of Things — require reliable, ready access to it. 

Many agencies are implementing an innovative solution to this problem: hybrid cloud storage. By adding cloud services to their other storage components, such as flash arrays and hard disk drives, data center operators address not only the challenges they have now, but also those they’ll face in the future.

Hybrid cloud storage provides the flexibility and scalability that data centers need for heavy workloads, while delivering optimum availability. Advanced storage management solutions take the burden off IT staff to make sure that data goes where it should. 

Check out the infographic below to learn how hybrid cloud solutions provide an innovative answer to your most challenging storage questions. 

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