As USDA consolidates its business apps, virtualized storage helps the department wrangle all the data.
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FedTech Interview

Michael Mestrovich

We talk with the senior technology officer for innovation at the Defense Intelligence Agency about the agency's IT operations.

Best Practices

Cybersecurity 2.0

High-profile worm attacks may be behind us, but today’s sophisticated cyberthreats require fresh approaches to network security.

Product Review

All-Around Security

This unified hardware and software security solution offers embedded web, e-mail and data loss prevention applications integrated into one appliance.

The Business of IT

Cloud’s Dirty Little Secret

Reaching federal goals for cloud computing will require agencies to navigate a minefield.

Brief Byte

Storage Intelligence

HP’s Storage Essentials can help agencies get the most out of their storage resources.

Best Practices

Getting Data Center Consolidation Right

USDA’s four-year effort offers important insights into overcoming human and technological challenges.

Product Review

Power and Purpose

Lenovo’s notebook is compact, but it doesn’t skimp on features.

Tech Trends

Managing Mobility

Facing the spread of network endpoints, agencies search for the right fit to meet their security needs.

Tech Tips

Endpoint Security for BYOD

Everyone wants to bring personal devices into the workplace; these tips will help keep your network secure.


Cover Feature

Finding ROI in the Clouds

Agencies save millions as they move to cloud services.


Disaster Relief Tips from Hurricane Alley

Understanding an agency’s needs and testing to make sure they’re met are keys to effective contingency planning.

Cover Feature

Desktops to Go

Moving client virtualization to the cloud offers significant benefits.

Feature Sidebar

Saving Green by Going Green

Efforts to implement sustainable IT yield another major benefit: lower costs.

Cover Feature

Order In the Court

The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Iowa decreases travel between sites with high-definition video arraignments.


Real-World IT

A Good Reason to Do the Right Thing

All the motivation IT managers need to implement green IT practices can be found on the bottom line.

Contributor Column

Making the Jump

To take advantage of cloud computing, agencies must figure out what data to put in the cloud and how best to use it.

Contributor Column

Adapt or Become a Statistic

Federal CIOs must adapt or become a statistic.