Feb 01 2012

Storage Intelligence

HP’s Storage Essentials can help agencies get the most out of their storage resources.

Many agencies are turning to storage virtualization to improve the utilization of their storage capacity, but they can face difficulty in getting an accurate picture of how they’re using it. HP’s Storage Essentials can help agencies fully utilize their storage resources by providing a clear view of what’s going on within their virtualized storage infrastructure.

HP SE provides alerts on backend storage consumption; utilization reports on virtual pools, virtual disks and physical disks; and reports on free, used and total capacity. The solution also can compare trends across different storage formats and enables analysis of conversion from thick to thin provisioning.

These visibility and reporting features help administrators make informed decisions about storage allocation by providing real-time information on capacity and consumption, enabling them to deliver storage capacity more efficiently and prevent downtime and lost revenue.

By the Numbers


The percentage of IT professionals who say that reduced IT expense is a main benefit of storage virtualization

SOURCE: “Storage Virtualization: Experience Begets Benefits” (Aberdeen Group, March 2011)


The rank of data loss/data security among technology professionals who were asked about their top storage concerns


listed security among their chief concerns.

SOURCE: “State of Storage 2011: Consolidation, Centralization” (InformationWeek Analytics, February 2011)


Percentage of technology professionals who said they were considering using storage virtualization

SOURCE: “Flex Time: Storage & File Virtualization Add Resilience” (InformationWeek Analytics, March 2011)


Amount of storage in exabytes (that’s 1 quintillion bytes) estimated to be deployed worldwide in 2011

SOURCE: “Scale-Out Storage in the Content-Driven Enterprise: Unleashing the Value of Information Assets” (IDC, June 2011)


Predicted growth of digital content worldwide in 2012

Source: “IDC Insights Predictions 2012: The CIO Agenda” (IDC, January 2012)


The number of days needed to deploy a new application for IT shops that have had storage virtualization deployed for longer than two years, compared with 94 days for those that have used storage virtualization for less than two years

Source: “Storage Virtualization: Experience Begets Benefits” (Aberdeen Group, March 2011)

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