Agencies are compiling and analyzing more and more data, helping to address a variety of touchy questions.

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The Business of IT

Find the Right Focus

Sequestration and debt ceiling battles put CIOs in a tough landscape that demands strategic thinking to survive.

Brief Byte

The March Toward Greater Efficiency

Spotlight on data center cooling strategies.

Product Review

Bridging the Gap

A responsive touch screen and remarkable keyboard make this a tablet users will want to get their hands on.

Best Practices

Big Data, Big Storage

As data grows, agencies face increasing need to make the most of their storage options.

FedTech Interview

The Future of Federal IT Is Mobile

The future of government technology is mobile.

Product Review

Eye in the Sky

Keeping tabs on your wireless network.

Tech Tips

Look It Over More Than Once

Follow this advice to maintain awareness of system security and advancing threats.

Tech Watch

A Cloud of Trust

A pilot initiative will test how best to use the cloud for user authentication.

Best Practices

Fit to Print

Better printing practices yield cost savings while reducing waste.



Going Public

Public-cloud solutions have matured enough for agencies to consider them as viable alternatives to private or hybrid clouds.

Feature Sidebar

Big Data Spotlight

SDAV Institute is making waves in both public and private sectors.

Feature Sidebar

Cloud Collaboration

Productivity and budgets benefit from agency collaboration.


Messages from the Cloud

Whether public or private, the cloud provides a stable platform for agencies’ unified communications systems


Clarity Through Collaboration

A new generation of mobile tools helps agencies streamline processes and improve effectiveness.


A Rising Tide

Tablets and other technology help Defense language educators immerse students in their studies.


From the Editor

Putting It All Together

Are there gems buried in your IT strategy?

Contributor Column

IT and Regulation

Regulatory agencies make better use of IT, deepening their analysis and their ability to serve the public.

Real-World IT

A Workforce That’s Never Idle

Unified communications can help agencies make the most of mobility.