Designed to protect infrastructure, NIST’s framework stands to impact agencies, too.

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Best Practices

Clean Those Apps

To speed secure, mobile app development, agencies take advantage of Homeland Security’s Carwash assurance platform.

Best Practices

Social Capture

The National Archives and Records Administration says your agency tweets may be government records. Here’s what to do about that.

Tech Trends

Bring Your Own OS

Bootable thumb drives help users keep their work and personal data separate.


Start Me Up

Bray explains how he brings a startup culture to the agency’s IT department.

Tech Tips

Boxed In

To boost security, run mobile apps in their own, dedicated spaces.

Product Review

Video for All

Bigger than a webcam, smaller than a telepresence system, the Logitech ConferenceCam CC3000e is perfect for small-group collaboration.

Product Review

Probing Questions

This vulnerability testing tool offers agencies continuous diagnostics and mitigation protection.



Best of Both Worlds

Here’s what might happen if agencies issued mobile devices and let workers store their own selfies.


Targeting Mobility

DoD's massive mobile deployment seeks to boost productivity and cut costs.


Virtual Desktops Without Drama

Agencies say user acceptance boils down to three essentials: communication, communication, communication.


The Great Ramp-Up

With a key milestone under its belt, the government’s cloud program is all systems go for widespread adoption.


Smart IT

Data center consolidation is pivoting back to its original purpose: better data management.

Contributor Column

Predicting the Impact of Technological Change

It’s not enough for agencies to study new capabilities for adoption. Leaders should also anticipate results and question assumptions.

From the Editor

A New Landscape

The FedTech website has been redesigned to serve readers on all types of devices.