When agencies need extra computing in a pinch, they turn to the cloud for extra capacity and new capabilities.

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Product Review

Dual Personality

The mantra for this convertible ThinkPad surely must be: Stay calm and carry on — securely.

Product Review

Powerful Attitude

Dell’s new Latitude notebook gets its oomph from one of Intel’s most powerful processors.


Culture Club

Technologies will change and challenges intensify, but Arati Prabhakar sees DARPA as the world’s innovation petri dish.

Best Practices

Vulnerability Victory

With the right tools, federal agencies can create a customized capability to identify and fix system weaknesses.

Tech Tips

Meet Cortana

Microsoft’s digital assistant provides federal workers with a range of services to boost productivity.

Tech Forward

The Defense Department and TSA are already using fog computing, but agencies must be cautious about security risks.

Tech Trends

A Toe in the Water

Federal agencies are looking to hybrid cloud solutions to gain flexibility on where to store their data.



The Modern Storefront

Employees want apps. Agencies want control. With iTunes-like stores, the two can find a happy medium.


Data Fortress

Network security gets the attention, but physical security at federal data centers requires the same focus.


Inside Out

Data breaches caused by federal employees, either knowingly or unwittingly, are a major concern at agencies, but security controls are not enough to tackle the threat.


Contributor Column

Hybrid Heaven

By embracing a hybrid clouds, agencies can put highly sensitive information in private clouds while using public clouds for low-cost storage.

Letter From the Editor

A Valuable Timeout

FedRAMP continues to succeed. But when customers lodged a complaint, GSA responded quickly and efficiently.

Contributor Column

Transformation Security

As federal agencies' digital capabilities expand, they must continuously monitor cybersecurity threats.