Apr 25 2016

Dell Latitude E5450 Review

Dell’s new Latitude notebook gets its oomph from one of Intel’s most powerful processors.

The new Dell Latitude E5450 adds power to a line known for reliable, yet mostly traditional notebooks.

At less than an inch thick and a hair under four pounds, the Latitude E5450 looks like a standard device, yet features one of the most powerful processors Intel makes: the Core i7 5600U, running at 2.6 gigahertz.

During testing, the unit booted in less than six seconds, smoothly running a full 64-bit version of Windows 10 with all associated apps and programs.

Multimedia Powerhouse 

The device features a bright, 14-inch LED screen, the largest consumers can expect with this tiny form factor. The 16:9 widescreen ratio is perfectly configured for watching videos in high definition, while an anti-glare coating negates any bright spots, short of direct sunlight.

An Intel HD Graphics 5500 card renders images — both common business pictures and more complex graphics — with excellent clarity.

In addition to the feisty processor, the Latitude E5450 comes with 8 gigabytes of DDR3L SDRAM, which is expandable up to 16GB. That extra capacity is not necessary, as the E5450 handled each app without issue.

The notebook scored 2,691 on the Passmark Performance Benchmarks, putting it near the head of the class against other notebooks.

A four-cell lithium-ion polymer battery provides power when the notebook is unplugged. The E5450 lasted nearly eight hours without a charge, with Windows 10 managing power flow and the device’s power-saving features disabled. The notebook worked nearly twice as long with power-saving features activated.

The power cable includes an illuminated ring that lights during use, providing a handy visual confirmation that the E5450 is connected to landline power. The device took about an hour to completely charge when fully drained.

Lots of Productivity in a Tiny Form Factor 

Despite the small form factor, the Latitude E5450 includes a full keyboard minus the number pad. Each key is a stand-alone square, which improves accuracy and reduces typing errors.

The keys provide solid tactile feedback when pressed, and extended typing sessions weren’t overly taxing. Even users with larger hands should feel comfortable using the keyboard over the course of a long workday.

The E5450 may be small, but it outperforms many larger notebooks with ease. The Windows 10 operating system is smooth and responsive, and works well without the need for a touch screen.

This notebook can hold its own in just about any agency. It will particularly add value if employees travel frequently and need a fully functioning notebook at their side.

Dell Latitude E5450

Processor: 2.6GHz Intel Core i7 5600U
Storage: 500GB
Dimensions: 9.1x13.2x.09 inches
Weight: 3.99 pounds


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