For the 2020 Census, half a million workers will use mobile technology to tally the number of U.S. residents.
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Tech Trends

Store-Bought Safety

The products provide widespread network visibility and other mechanisms to help agencies secure their assets.


Disaster Management

Workers responding to major disasters can keep in touch with survivors and the home office with strong connectivity.

Product Review

Agencies with high-volume storage needs can rely on this low-latency, maximum-performance device.

Get Smart

A Mixed Bag

Agencies operate hybrid computing environments that cross the cloud/on-premises boundary, but how can these operations be made more efficient?


Virtual Solutions

The two methods of virtualization have stark differences; understanding them can guide a decision.


The Need to Know

Intelligence agencies are working to share data with their partners to best conduct their critical national security missions.

Product Review

Fortify Your Outposts

Designed for drag-and-drop protection at satellite and regional offices, this security device punches above its weight.

Tech Tips

Network Improvements

Software-defined WAN solutions require thought before implementation; think about these four factors before deployment.

IT Futurist

Bandwidth Benefits

Security may need to be addressed with carriers who provide the technology.



The Way Forward

In the aftermath of the longest government shutdown in history, agencies use the experience to better prepare in case there’s a next time.


Closing Time

A GAO report named agencies who had excelled at meeting DCOI mandates; DOJ, USDA and EPA tell their stories.


Stable Ground

Agencies use cloud migration to prevent interruptions in workflow for their employees and customers.


Letter From the Editor

Making the Mission Possible

The 2020 decennial Census is a reminder of how important IT is to keep the government running.

Contributor Column

Smart Shopping

Upcoming task force recommendations and new procedures within agencies strengthen protections against malicious acts that come in through products.

Contributor Column

A Visible Change

“Walled gardens”  between agencies will interfere with the technology’s usefulness, says a DHS official.