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Expanded Coverage

The new standard is designed to boost performance in densely populated areas when both clients and access points play by Wi-Fi 6 rules.

Product Review

Secure Scanner

Built for speed and the demand of agencies interested in secure scanning without compromising quality, the DocuMate 6710 delivers all this and more.

Tech Trends

Neutral Space

Federal agencies have adopted containerization to aid software development and cloud migration.

Security Save

Not-So-Private Networks

Modern VPNs work so well that they get little attention, leaving them open to tampering from the outside.

Get Smart

Join A New Team

Skype for Business Online reaches end-of-life next year; here’s how to prepare for the change.

Product Review

Mission Links

With zero-touch provisioning and built-in security features, this device securely links offices across the country with mission-critical data.

Tech Tips

Make Room for Upgrades

Even if an agency can’t afford a full equipment upgrade, there are ways to create long-term cost reductions through smaller updates.

IT Futurist

Living on the Edge

DOD, USDA plan to move more cloud operations away from the centralized cloud for more speed and throughput.



Solid Assists

Government agencies find effective solutions tailored to disabled employees’ needs.


Smart Plans

Smart building technologies help agencies to trim costs, reduce waste and improve operations.


Up to Speed

The six agencies that have signed on so far report progress toward better technology, customer service and more.


How to Leave a Legacy

Decades-old tech still runs in some agencies, including Indian Health Service and Education, but modernization plans are underway.


From the Editor

The Customer Is Always First

New technologies and management goals put citizens’ needs at the top of the list.

Contributor Column

So Much Information

With the amount of data generated each day, agencies must find ways to leverage cloud environments to improve collaboration.

Contributor Column

Secure a Mobile Workforce

Agencies need to acknowledge cybersecurity gaps and invest in a variety of endpoint defenses.