HRSA, VA and the Marine Corps are among those boosting wireless access points and other needs.
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Security Save

Targets Acquired

This monitoring agency works as a clearinghouse for warnings about simple vulnerabilities and major threats.

Shared Smarts

Staying in Touch

Amid stay-at-home orders, the federal government had to care for citizens, including its own workers, who had to take care of their fellow Americans. Social media helped.


A Cloud-Filled Vision

FedRAMP puts government and cloud providers on the same page on security, and Director Ashley Mahan hopes it gives smaller businesses more opportunities to work more closely with the public sector.

Tech Trends

From Tiny Clips to Rocket Ships

VA, FDA, Army, Marines and other agencies use 3D printing to speed up the supply chain and simplify complex equipment needs.

Product Review

Home Security

This product provides federal teleworkers with extra layers of protection based on threat intelligence.

Tech Tips

Open Containers

Simple guidelines make it easy for an agency to begin using versatile containers for modernization projects.

IT Futurist

Significant Figures

The Energy Department, NSF and NIST will work together to promote the radical technology, with additional backing from the White House.

Product Review

Perfect Presentations

Surface doubles as a whiteboard so that coworkers can trade notes on important topics.



An Alternate Route to Work

IT officials from DIA, CBP, EPA and the Farm Credit Administration talk about how they had to adapt existing business continuity practices.


Storage for Space

NGA, NASA and NOAA use a variety of solutions to manage the boom in data coming from satellites.


Protect the Vote

Amid pandemic confusion and delayed primaries, experts are watching the fall election season closely.


Meet You on the Internet

NIH, NIST and the Senate all turn to videoconferencing to bring dozens of participants together via the internet.


Letter From the Editor

A Very Human Response

In these uncertain times, workers rise to the occasion and keep the government running.

Contributor Column

As petabytes of data pour into the government daily, the newly important position of chief data officer will help make the flow manageable.

Contributor Column

The Human Touch

Bring people into the loop when securing a network in this telework era.